What is Revealed? Artist Talk and Performance with Jhalak Dance Company

April 6, 2022 @ 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Hawai‘i State Art Museum
250 S. Hotel Street

About the Event

HiSAM presents an artist talk with visual artist/painter Alberte Bernier and choreographer Kara Jhalak Miller, with a live dance preview of selected works from “What is Revealed?”

“What is Revealed?” is a live movement media art event that features dance improvisation sketches and interactive video projection. The dance performance is devised by Honolulu based choreographer Kara Jhalak Miller with Jhalak Dance Company performers, in response to and in collaboration with New York City based visual artist Alberte Bernier and her painting series “Leaks.”

The project has been in progress for two years, beginning only a few months before the pandemic, which caused a multi-year delay. The HiSAM Artist Talk will include a conversation between the two artists, projections of the paintings, a showing of movement-based media art documentation of the creative process amongst the collaborators by Larry Asakawa, and a live performance preview of selected dance works performed by Tina Chan, Cy Higashi, Lance Sabado, Terry Slaughter, and Katelyn Wyatt from the upcoming “What is Revealed?”

The full performance of “What is Revealed?” will be presented at the KOA Theatre on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th in Honolulu, and will culminate in a performance installation in New York City in June 2022.

About the Artists

Alberte Bernier is a visual artist who lives in New York City. Over the years her artistic expressions have been inspired by a landscape of cultures and traditions. The paintings in this works-in-progress showing are from a series called “Leaks” that illustrate the dripping of life conflicts and emotions especially as they affect women who are powerless over situations they can’t control. www.albertebernier.com

Kara Jhalak Miller is deeply interested in forms that heighten awareness to being present in the moment, felt memory, and acts of listening. Her movement imagery and visual designs are inspired by feelings in the natural and urban world. She enjoys collaborating with artists and dancers creating experimental performances and installations. www.jhalakdance.org

Jhalak Dance Company specializes in dance performance, choreography, and improvisational collaborative participatory art-making processes.